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55 Hrs

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Projects that you will build!

Business Website

Creating a professional website for a business to showcase products, services and contact details.

Blogging Platform

Building a platform for blogs and  content creators to publish articles,novels and engage with readers.

E-commerce Platform

 Developing an online store with features such as product,  carts, payment gateways, and user accounts.

Social Networking Site

 Developing a platform for users to create profiles, connect with others, share content, and engage in online communities.

Portfolio Website

 Designing a website to showcase an individual’s or a company’s work, such as art, photography, design projects, or case studies.

Content Management System

 Creating a custom or using an existing CMS to manage and publish digital content, such as articles, images, and videos.

Discover A Better Way To Build A Future - Proof Web Development Career

We offer easy-to-understand customized courses to keep learners engaged, motivated and supported to expand their digital learning pathways.

Technology That You Will Learn!


Learn to customize your website design with the knowledge of basics to advanced concepts of HTML5, CSS, document structure and more.


Learn the fundamentals of advanced CSS concepts to create an outstanding web design and look layout.


Learn the key Java script concepts such as data types, functions, loops and control flows.


Build responsive website, mobile - first projects on the web with the world’s most popular frontend component.


Familiarize yourself with the jQuery basics and programming concepts to enhance the web designing concepts.


If your website is going to have raster images (cover banners & inner images ) on it then an image editor is a must.


Learn the Angular framework and other key concepts quickly and efficiently with a step-by-step tutorial.


Familiarize yourself with a detailed overview of Typescript including type system, classes interfaces, and more

Web Development Course Overview

What you’ll learn

  • At WebX Academy’s web development course in Hyderabad, you will delve into a comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of web design and development.

  • This modern and structured course aims to engage both the analytical and creative facets of learners, nurturing their abilities to become proficient web designers.

  • Throughout the program, you will master the fundamentals of advanced front-end and back-end topics crucial to web design, enabling you to create optimized web design solutions.

  •  WebX Academy’s course in Hyderabad promises to equip you with the knowledge and tools essential for a successful career in the industry.


  • Embarking on a career in web development doesn’t necessarily require prior knowledge of coding and programming languages. What’s essential is a strong passion for the field and a dedicated commitment to learning the ins and outs of web development.

  • At WebX Academy, located in Hyderabad, our comprehensive web development course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to design and build real-world projects for your web development portfolio.

  • Our modern web development course at WebX Academy enables you to create a credible web development portfolio by providing hands-on experience and access to essential software tools. 


  • After successfully completing the web development course at WebX Academy, you will receive a prestigious certificate in web development, which can be shared with professional networks and potential employers. This reputable certificate serves as a testament to your skills in creating responsive and dynamic websites.

  • This certification validates your proficiency in executing hands-on projects to deliver tailored web development experiences for your clients. Acquiring a web development certificate from WebX Academy is instrumental in advancing towards your career objectives in the web development industry.

  • By attaining a certificate in web development, you can position yourself for lucrative and rewarding opportunities within the web development field.

Mock Interviews

  • At WebX Academy, obtaining a certificate in web development and participating in mock interviews substantially enhances your prospects of securing a lucrative position at your desired company.

  • Our meticulously designed mock interviews are geared towards instilling the confidence required to proficiently address fundamental and advanced web development interview questions. These interviews are strategically structured to furnish you with the theoretical knowledge essential for a successful web development career.

  • Through targeted intervention during mock interviews, we aim to cultivate your critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills, along with negotiation abilities, thus equipping you with a well-rounded skill set for the industry.


Industry Experts

  • WebX Academy offers comprehensive mentoring and career guidance to kick start your journey in the field of web development.

  • Our team of experienced industry experts is dedicated to helping you master both the fundamentals and advanced concepts of web development by providing continuous monitoring of your progress throughout the course.

  • At WebX Academy, our knowledgeable industry experts will guide you through hands-on projects, allowing you to build a strong foundation in various areas related to web development.

  • Through their expertise, you will gain practical skills in real-life scenarios, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.











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Why Do Students Trust Webx Academy?

Quality and Practical Training

          Whether you are just starting out or formerly have some experience, we offer colorful Web Development courses designed to fit your requirements. Curated from top educational institutions and application leaders, our selection of Web Development courses aims to give quality training for everyone — from individual learners seeking particular growth to commercial squad looking to upskill. For those pursuing professional advancement, skill accession, or indeed a new career path, these Web Development courses can be a precious resource. Take the coming step in your professional journey and enroll in a Web Development course now. Web Development is the trial of developing websites and web apps that board on the internet. Whether you ’re interested in frontal- end, back- end, or going full- stack, our web development courses will help you get there.

100% Job Placement Assurance

  • WebX academy provides a comprehensive digital marketing courses that includes 100 % JOB Placement Assistance with the help of our extensive network of placement support professionals, we have successfully placed numerous students in prestigious organizations. Ensuring that their career goals are achieved our commitment is to produce highly skilled professionals. Who can contribute effectively to various industries.. We offer industry standards training ensuring that our students are well prepared and exposed to the realities of the corporate world. Additionally we strive to provide decent stipends to our students during their training period.

Career Guidance

At Webx Academy, we do understand the vital role of career guidance. Thus, we provide end-to-end personalized career support to make students confident in maximizing their career outcomes. . Our career guidance is based on the research and latest industry data and is extensively tested with professionals and students. Our dedicated career coaches provide mentoring and comprehensive career counseling as per the global career standards with other value-added features. Right from mock interviews with targeted intervention to 100 percent job placement assistance, from constructive feedback to lifetime community support, we ensure that our students witness a smooth career transition

Internship in Reputated IT comapnies

Securing an internship with a reputable IT company is a significant milestone for aspiring professionals in the technology industry. Internships at esteemed organizations offer invaluable hands-on experience, exposure to cutting-edge technologies, and the opportunity to learn from industry experts. They also provide a gateway to future employment opportunities and can significantly enhance one’s professional network and skill set. Interning at renowned IT companies often involves contributing to high-impact projects, enabling interns to gain in-depth insights into industry best practices and methodologies. This experience can be transformative, equipping individuals with the practical knowledge and confidence needed to thrive in the competitive landscape of information technology.





Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need To Learn To Become A Web Development?

You need to learn basics of HTML and CSS along with Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver tools.

What Qualifications Needed To Become A Web Development?

To become a web developer you do not need any specific qualifications. But bachelors degree will help you. Anyone with basic knowledge on websites, English language can learn this course.

How Can I Choose Best Web Developing Training Institute?

Good question. To begin your career as web developer it is very important to acquire the skills and gain knowledge on web developing tools and basic coding. Before you choose web developing training institute check -Quality of training, job placement history, and fee.

What Is The Web Developing Course Fee In Hyderabad?

Web developing course fee varies from institute to institute based on the quality of training they offer you. The average course fee starts from 12000/- and above.

What Is The Salary Of A Web Developer In India?

As per the PayScale the average salary for web designer is INR 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs. The salary for 1 to 4 years experience web developing professionals is INR 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs (depends on the company you choose).


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