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55 Hrs

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Projects that you will build!

Automated Email Campaign

Develop a system that automates the entire process of creating, scheduling, and analyzing email marketing

Email Drip Campaign

Design a platform for setting up and managing automated email drip campaigns to nurture leads

Email Template Builder

Create a tool that allows users to design and test customizable email templates, ensuring consistency

Email Analytics Dashboard

Develop a comprehensive dashboard that provides in-depth analytics and reporting on email

Email Recommendation Engine

Build a recommendation engine that suggests personalized content and product recommendations based on user behavior

Dynamic Content Email System

Implement a system that dynamically generates email content based on recipient attributes and preferences

Discover A Better Way To Build A Future - Proof Email Marketring Career

We offer easy-to-understand customized courses to keep learners engaged, motivated and supported to expand their digital learning pathways.

Technology That You Will Learn!


Learn to customize your website design with the knowledge of basics to advanced concepts of HTML5, CSS, document structure and more.


Leverage ESPs to manage subscriber lists, create and send email campaigns, and track engagement metrics.

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Utilize marketing automation tools to automate email marketing processes, segment audiences, and nurture leads


Integrate with email delivery services to ensure reliable and scalable email delivery with tracking and analytics capabilities


Integrate email marketing platforms with CRM systems to synchronize customer data and deliver personalized



Implement tools that enable dynamic content and personalized elements within email marketing campaigns


Leverage A/B testing tools and analytics platforms to optimize email performance through data-driven insights and testing


Ensure compliance with data protection regulations and email marketing best practices using dedicated compliance and privacy tools.


Utilize APIs to integrate custom functionalities and third-party services, expanding the capabilities of email marketing platforms


What you’ll learn

  • In this well-structured email marketing course in Hyderabad, you will gain comprehensive knowledge on everything related to email marketing, providing you with a strong foundation to embark on your journey as an email marketing executive.

  • This modern course aims to engage both the analytical and creative aspects of learners, equipping you with the necessary skills and expertise to excel in the field of email marketing.

  • Moreover, this course will familiarize you with important email marketing concepts including user segmentation, campaign workflows, A/B testing, and more to refine your strategies and execution throughout the email marketing process. By the end of the course, you will have gained the essential knowledge and practical skills required to thrive as an email marketing executive in today’s competitive digital landscape.


  •  To become an email marketing executive, you need no prior knowledge of coding and programming languages. All you need is passion and time commitments to learn email marketing besides joining the WebX Academy email marketing course in Hyderabad.
  • This modern email marketing course helps you create and execute real-world campaigns for your email marketing portfolio. You require a credible email marketing portfolio that you can build by signing up for an easy-to-understand WebX Academy email marketing course that offers you free software.
  • To get the best out of your email marketing course in Hyderabad, you also need a digital device with a stable internet connection.


  •  After completing the Email Marketing course at WebX Academy, you will earn a certificate in email marketing that you can share with professional networks and prospective employers.
  • This credible certificate helps you earn the confidence of prospective employers by demonstrating your capabilities in executing effective email marketing strategies. This certificate endorses your capability of building hands-on projects to create targeted and engaging email marketing campaigns for your clients.
  • Earning a WebX Academy email marketing certification helps you align your career goals with the latest trends and best practices in email marketing. Earning a certificate in email marketing is the easiest and fastest way to secure a well-paid dream job as an email marketing executive.

Mock Interviews

  • With a certificate in email marketing and mock interviews at WebX Academy in Hyderabad, you significantly enhance your prospects of securing a well-paid position in your desired company. Our meticulously designed mock interviews are tailored to bolster your confidence in addressing both fundamental and advanced email marketing-related interview questions.

  • These strategically structured mock interviews aim to shape the trajectory of your email marketing career by equipping you with the theoretical knowledge and practical insights crucial for success in the field. Through targeted interventions, you will develop essential thinking, analytical, communication, and negotiation skills essential for excelling in an email marketing executive role.

  • Our mock interviews, coupled with constructive feedback, complement the dynamic curriculum, empowering you to embark on your email marketing career with a strong foundation and unwavering confidence.

Industry Experts

  •  Our industry experts at WebX Academy provide you with all the necessary mentoring and career guidance to kickstart your career as an email marketing executive from the beginning.
  • Experienced industry professionals help you master both basic and advanced email marketing concepts while continuously monitoring your course progress. Our knowledgeable industry experts assist you in crafting a hands-on project to establish a strong foundation in various areas related to email marketing.
  • With the support of our industry experts, you can optimize your outcomes in the field of email marketing through continuous career guidance. Our industry experts also offer a more comprehensive breakdown of the email marketing course, enabling you to effectively apply knowledge in real-life scenarios.










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Why Do Students Trust Webx Academy?

Quality and Practical Training

        Learn Digital Marketing, Become an ACE Digital Marketer. Master Google Analytics, Google Ads, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. Digital marketing is one of the hottest career options these days with thousands of internships and jobs being added everyday.The digital marketing realm is one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s world. The internet has made businesses more accessible and connected to their clients than ever previously, which means there are innumerous chances for digitalmarketers.Digital marketing has impacted nearly every business in the digital space, ranging from deals, healthcare, marketing, to account. A capable digital sight can go a long way for any business

100% Job Placement Assurance

  • WebX academy provides a comprehensive digital marketing courses that includes 100 % JOB Placement Assistance with the help of our extensive network of placement support professionals, we have successfully placed numerous students in prestigious organizations. Ensuring that their career goals are achieved our commitment is to produce highly skilled professionals. Who can contribute effectively to various industries.. We offer industry standards training ensuring that our students are well prepared and exposed to the realities of the corporate world. Additionally we strive to provide decent stipends to our students during their training period.

Career Guidance

At Webx Academy, we do understand the vital role of career guidance. Thus, we provide end-to-end personalized career support to make students confident in maximizing their career outcomes. . Our career guidance is based on the research and latest industry data and is extensively tested with professionals and students. Our dedicated career coaches provide mentoring and comprehensive career counseling as per the global career standards with other value-added features. Right from mock interviews with targeted intervention to 100 percent job placement assistance, from constructive feedback to lifetime community support, we ensure that our students witness a smooth career transition

Internship in Reputated IT comapnies

Securing an internship with a reputable IT company is a significant milestone for aspiring professionals in the technology industry. Internships at esteemed organizations offer invaluable hands-on experience, exposure to cutting-edge technologies, and the opportunity to learn from industry experts. They also provide a gateway to future employment opportunities and can significantly enhance one’s professional network and skill set. Interning at renowned IT companies often involves contributing to high-impact projects, enabling interns to gain in-depth insights into industry best practices and methodologies. This experience can be transformative, equipping individuals with the practical knowledge and confidence needed to thrive in the competitive landscape of information technology.





Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need To Learn To Become A Web Designer?

You need to learn basics of HTML and CSS along with Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver tools.

What Qualifications Needed To Become A Web Designer?

To become a web designer you do not need any specific qualifications. But bachelors degree will help you. Anyone with basic knowledge on websites, English language can learn this course.

How Can I Choose Best Web Designing Training Institute?

Good question. To begin your career as web designer it is very important to acquire the skills and gain knowledge on web designing tools and basic coding. Before you choose web designing training institute check -Quality of training, job placement history, and fee.

What Is The Web Designing Course Fee In Hyderabad?

Web designing course fee varies from institute to institute based on the quality of training they offer you. The average course fee starts from 12000/- and above.

What Is The Salary Of A Web Designer In India?

As per the PayScale the average salary for web designer is INR 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs. The salary for 1 to 4 years experience web designing professionals is INR 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs (depends on the company you choose).


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