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For a Promising Tomorrow

 At WebX Academy, we are dedicated to providing personalized mentoring and training to equip our students with industry-relevant technical, non-technical, and interpersonal skills. We serve as your unwavering support system, guiding you through your training and placement journey.

Join us today and embark on a path where securing a job tomorrow is a guarantee.

How We Work

Personal Mentoring

Our approach involves working individually with each student, providing comprehensive guidance in both theoretical understanding and practical application. This personalized form of training has proven to be highly effective on a global scale.

Career Coach

Our exceptional peer team excels at providing valuable insight and guidance on all aspects of the subject, fostering continuous growth. Our peer program is strategically designed to harness the full potential of our teams, ensuring comprehensive support and development.


Our collaborative peer team environment encourages the exchange of knowledge and expertise, allowing for continuous growth and development. We believe in leveraging the diverse talents and experiences within our teams to nurture individual potential and drive collective success.

Success Manager

Our personalized counseling sessions focus on understanding each student's unique challenges and providing targeted support to enable them to showcase their full potential. Through this personalized approach, we aim to empower our students to overcome obstacles and excel in their learning journey.


 Our faculty members are not only passionate about their respective fields but also contribute their unique perspectives and expertise, ensuring that we equip you to be the optimal solution for the evolving workforce. Our expert faculty understands the significance of time management and prepares professionals capable of multitasking across various platforms. 

Minimum 5 Years Of Experience Of Entire Faculty

Embracing a more intelligent approach to learning

Extending beyond traditional classrooms

our vision encompasses integrating real-world experiences into our systems and taking  steps to ensure that learning is engaging and practical in real-time.

 Complete focus

We promote an engaged learning environment in which every student receives undivided attention to ensure that no one lags behind and  fully engaged.

Career Process


Immersive Learning

Immerse yourself in a curriculum crafted from real-world industry insights and expertise, ensuring a hands-on approach to learning and guidance. Engage in interactive real-time projects designed to deepen your understanding of key concepts.



Unlock a comprehensive preparation encompassing various aptitude dimensions including mathematics, English, general knowledge, and beyond. Elevate your interview prospects by boosting confidence and refining interpersonal skills, setting the stage for success.


Upon completion

you will receive a prestigious 'WEBX Certificate', a powerful credential to enhance your career opportunities. This certificate holds the same weight as a formal degree, serving as a testament to your skills and expertise.


Career Placement

Gain access to a diverse array of leading brands and esteemed companies partnered with us for exclusive campus placements. Upon completing your course, we offer dedicated support to ensure you find the perfect fit within the professional landscape.

Our alumni are proficient in cutting-edge technology

Full Stack Web

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React,Node, Python, Django, SQL


HTML, HTML5, CSS/CSS3,Javascript


Javascript, PHP and MYSQL, WordPress

Mobile App

IOS, Android, Core Java, Components,Introduction IOS / Android


Advanced Digital Marketing,SEO, SME, PPC, SEM , SMM


Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Sketch, Affinity Designer, GIMP

Our admissions advisors are eager to assist you in getting started on your journey.