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55 Hrs

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Projects that you will build!


Learn Ecommerce tools and platforms to build E-commerce web design skills.

Business Website

Design websites to inform audiences, boost brand recognition, and drive sales.

Landing Pages

Develop well-designed and high-converting landing pages featuring the CTA button.

Portfolio Website

Develop a professionally designed portfolio to showcase your creative work online.

Web Animations

Learn to design and implement multi-step web animations that bring UI to life.


Learn about layouts and plugins for customized WordPress development themes.

Responsive Designs

Familiarize with modern interactive designs and human-computer designs concepts.

Discover a better way to build a future-proof web developer career

We offer easy-to-understand customized courses to keep learners engaged, motivated and supported to expand their digital learning pathways.

Technology that you will learn!


Learn to customize your web design with the knowledge of basics to advanced concepts of HTML5, document structure, CSS and more.


Learn the fundamentals of advanced CSS concepts to create an outstanding look and web design layout.


Learn the key Javascript concepts such as data types, loops, functions and control flows.


Build responsive, mobile-first projects on the web with the world’s most popular frontend component.


Familiarize yourself with the jQuery basics and programming concepts to enhance the web design concept.


If your website is going to have raster images (photographs) on it then an image editor is a must.


Mature, most reliable and robust CSS extension language. With SASS, you will learn to extend the functionality of an existing CSS of a site.


Familiarize yourself with a detailed overview of Typescript including type system, classes interfaces, and more


Learn the Angular framework and other key concepts efficiently and quickly with a step-by-step tutorial.


What you’ll learn

  • In this well-structured web design course Hyderabad, you will learn everything related to web design to get started with the web design course.
  • This modern course taps into both the analytical and creative minds of learners to help you become the web designer you have wanted to be.
  • In this web designer course in Hyderabad, you will learn the fundamentals of advanced front-end and back-end topics related to web designing.
  • This course will teach you about the colour scheme, typography, visuals, layout, content, UX and UI to create optimized web design solutions.
  • This course will make you familiar with important concepts related to web design such as user flows, wireframes, prototyping and more to fine-tune web design throughout the process.

What makes Webx Academy different from other institutes?

Updated Training
100% Placement

Why do Students trust Webx Academy?


  • The ideal digital marketing course goes beyond theory and provides learner with practical training. Ensuring you can confidently apply the practices in the digital marketing field. Our WebX academy digital marketing course is designed with this in mind. Focusing on quality and practical training to accelerate the career  of our students in the digital marketing industry. We aim to build their confidence and equip them with the necessary skills to effectively solve real world digital marketing challenges.
  • Assess a WebX academy-based web development course for its curriculum depth, real-world applicability, and practical training components. Prioritize interactive sessions, collaborative projects, and instructor-led discussions to enhance the learning experience. Ensure the course content is current, covers industry-relevant technologies, and offers a robust feedback system. Look for flexibility in scheduling and comprehensive resources accessible through the Webx platform to support a well-rounded training program.
  • WebX academy’s app development course delivers high-quality instruction with a focus on practical training. The curriculum is designed to equip participants with hands-on skills, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of app development concepts. Through interactive sessions, real-world projects, and expert guidance, learners gain valuable experience in building applications. Webx’s commitment to quality ensures that participants receive up-to-date content and relevant insights, making the course an excellent choice for aspiring app developers.

  • WebX academy in graphic designing offers high-quality instruction with a focus on practical, hands-on content. The course provides in-depth knowledge of graphic design principles, tools, and techniques. Participants engage in real-world projects to enhance their skills and creativity. Expert instructors ensure a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Graduates emerge with a strong foundation in graphic design, ready for practical application in diverse professional settings.

100% Job Placement Assurance

  • WebX academy provides a comprehensive digital marketing courses that includes 100 % JOB Placement Assistance with the help of our extensive network of placement support professionals, we have successfully placed numerous students in prestigious organizations. Ensuring that their career goals are achieved our commitment is to produce highly skilled professionals. Who can contribute effectively to various industries.. We offer industry standards training ensuring that our students are well prepared and exposed to the realities of the corporate world. Additionally we strive to provide decent stipends to our students during their training period.

Career Guidance

At Webx Academy, we do understand the vital role of career guidance. Thus, we provide end-to-end personalized career support to make students confident in maximizing their career outcomes. . Our career guidance is based on the research and latest industry data and is extensively tested with professionals and students. Our dedicated career coaches provide mentoring and comprehensive career counseling as per the global career standards with other value-added features. Right from mock interviews with targeted intervention to 100 percent job placement assistance, from constructive feedback to lifetime community support, we ensure that our students witness a smooth career transition





Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Pre Requisites?

There are no Pre-requisites attached to our training program. But, to attain a full time employment in this field, one must be a graduate (in any stream).

Do You Provide Placement Assistance?

YES ! we do provide 360 degree placement assistance from building your resume to successfully cracking interview in your dream company.

What The Delivery Modes Classroom Or Online?

We have both class room training and live training with dedicated trainers.

Who Can Learn This Course?

There is no age or educational barrier to learn any of these courses. ANYONE CAN LEARN.

How Much Salary Will I Be Getting After Completion Of Course?

The salaries vary depending upon course and the lowest package 1.8L P.a and Highest can go upto 5L P.A. Students trained by AWA secures between 2.5L To 3.5L P.A

What Are The Criteria To Gain Certified Status?

The training program includes evaluation system to judge your subjective knowledge and practical implementation success rates. You get the certificate after successfully completing your training programs.

Is There Any Flexible Timing For Working Professionals?

Yes, we have both weekdays and weekend classes. Not just that we have classes at different timing in the morning, afternoon and evening. We are flexible as per your needs so that you can manage both regular full-time job and class schedules.

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