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Web Design & Development

Course Overview
What You’ll Learn From This Course
  • Introduction To HTML, WWW, W3C, Common HTML
  • Tags and attributes, Ordered & Unordered Lists
  • Inserting image
  • Client server image mapping
  • Text and image links
  • Tables
  • Frames
  • Forms
  • Introduction with text box, text area, buttons, List box, radio, checkbox etc.
  • Introduction to Style Sheet
  • Types of style Sheets
  • Inline, External, Embedded CSS.
  • CSS Border, margin, Positioning, color, text, link, background, list, table, padding, image, display properties
  • Use of Id & classes in CSS
  • use of < div> & < span>
  • Introduction of CSS3 : Gradients, Transitions, Animations, multiple columns
  • Concept of script, Types of Scripts ,Introduction to Javascript
  • Variables, identifiers constants in javascript and examples of each.
  • Operators in javascripts, various types of javascript operator Examples on javascript operators,
  • Control and looping structure, examples on control and looping structures (if, if…else, for, while, do while, switch, etc….)
  • Concept of array, how to use it in javascript , types of an array, examples Methods of an array, examples on it.
  • Event handling in javascript with examples Math and date object and examples on it.
  • String object and examples on it, and some predefined Functions
  • DOM concept in javascript, DOM objects
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